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Free Webinar For Hospitals on Survey on Patient Safety

Free Webinar For Hospitals on Survey on Patient Safety

Culture impacts everything we do.  And it's no different in health care organizations.  The strongest cultures support employee engagement, promote open communication and the sharing of mistakes to foster improvement.

Learn about how the Center's survey administrative survey can save you time and money and why measuring your culture is so important to improve patient safety.

Friday, September 9th from 12-1pm (Central) - REGISTER

The Center for Patient Safety is hosting a webinar to share information and answer questions on how taking the Survey on Patient Safety can help you improve patient safety:

Benefits of CPS Safety Culture Survey Services:

  • Deepest feedback reports in the industry!
  • Comprehensive reports at the organization and department-level!

SAVE TIME & MONEY! Save 30+ hours of administrative time.  You'll need about 2 hours for the entire process and we'll take care of the rest!

  • ACCESSIBLE - online, anonymous survey with access via computer, smart-phone, tablet, etc
  • DATA ANALYSIS - data is analyzed for you
  • SUPPORT - we'll talk with you about your results and guide you to your next steps

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