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How to Speak Up for Safety

How to Speak Up for Safety

It’s really hard to speak up for safety with other care providers.  Learn how two organizations are facing the challenge.  His is a free telephone conference sponsored by IHI, but you must register on the link below.

How to Speak Up for Safety: WIHI, November 17

We’d like to think that robust safety cultures are so common in health care today, everyone is comfortable pointing out missteps and discrepancies to colleagues and even getting better at bringing them to supervisors’ attention. Not so fast. On the next WIHI (Thursday, November 17, 2-3pm ET), two improvers share how their organization refocused efforts on the overall safety culture when they realized staff were sometimes reluctant to speak up about safety issues, not trusting that their remarks would be taken constructively. Another guest addresses the overall challenges — but still the necessity — of initiating difficult and uncomfortable conversations that impact patient safety, such as reminding providers to wash their hands.

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