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CPS PSO Annual Report

CPS PSO Annual Report

CPS PSO Annual Report 2017The Center for Patient Safety (CPS) is certified as a federally-designated Patient Safety Organization (PSO) in compliance with provisions of the federal Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005 (PSQIA).  PSOs support the collection, analysis, sharing and learning about what medical error occur, why and how to prevent them.

PSO participation can support a safety culture that encourages and allows healthcare providers to safety report and share information about vulnerabilities within the healthcare system, PSOs are pivotal in the crusade to prevent medical errors and patient harm.  CPS provides several culture services that complement PSO services and support the development of a robust patient safety program.

CPS is positioned to assist new and current participants in gaining this invaluable learning and obtaining the federal protections that are available with the PSQIA - but, most importantly to reduce preventable harm.

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