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Center for Patient Safety Update

Alex Christgen stepped down as Executive Director for the Center for Patient Safety but will continue to work with CPS to reduce preventable harm.

A Personal Note from Alex Christgen:

I took over as Executive Director at the Center for Patient Safety four short years ago. During that time, our team and client list have grown, and our services have expanded. We now assist hundreds of organizations in nearly every state in the U.S., working with frontline providers and leaders. Our growth can also be expressed in increased value we bring. Like our clients, we benefit from learning, risk and making choices.

I want to share a personal choice--I have stepped down as Executive Director to the Center. I will continue to fulfill my passion for the Center’s work in a different capacity (and location) that allows more time to focus on my family life.

I look proudly on developments in those four years, such as patient safety education programs involving innovative techniques like simulation. Our #Forward campaigns engage providers across the healthcare spectrum. Through programs that cross provider boundaries, we have improved safety for patients during transitions in care. We continue to strive for our own improvement.

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The Interim role will be filled by Kathryn Wire, a long-time advocate of the Center’s work and, for the last 6 years an employee, filling roles of Project Manager, Patient Safety Specialist and legal consultant. Her experience, skills, leadership, and deep knowledge make her the ideal individual for the Interim role while the Center prepares for a permanent leader.Moving Healthcare Forward