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Three Key Decisions When Selecting a Culture Evaluation Vendor

Patient safety culture change is important and it's just as important to have the right vendor beside you on your improvement journey.

CPS' deep experience - delivering thousands of surveys to hundreds of thousands of employees - makes us experts in finding the right survey vendor for an organization's needs. Here are a few tips from our experts.

1. Use the Most Valid Tool

There are many ways to get feedback from your staff. The fastest - word of mouth - can be subjective, and evaluations and exit interviews are not anonymous. Forums are open discussions and usually focus on one topic. Other survey vendor tools’ limited use prohibits effective comparisons. The Surveys on Patient Safety™ (SOPS™) from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) offer widely-used and tested healthcare-specific surveys developed by experts and healthcare providers. They are available in at least forty languages and benefit from extensive research validating the results. The AHRQ SOPS™ are the most robust and valid tools to use in healthcare.

2. Use the Right Tool

Not all provider groups are the same. Using the proper survey ensures the validity of your results. The AHRQ family of SOPS™ offers five (5) different surveys for different kinds of healthcare providers. The Center for Patient Safety (CPS) has developed two additional surveys that align with AHRQ SOPS™ questions and dimensions. Different surveys, all designed with similar cultural composites, can identify similar strengths and weaknesses across provider groups. AHRQ’s expansive database of survey results means each provider survey has its own valid benchmarks. CPS administers all of them for the most extensive range of culture surveys for healthcare.

3. Get the Right Information

By itself, survey data is not information. It must be scrubbed, validated, assessed, and reviewed for the learning it offers. Sensitive and complex, it requires expert evaluation. Don’t just accept the numeric responses: receive actionable information in a user-friendly format. Your reports should help you identify cultural competencies, strengths, weaknesses, and provide comparisons to similar organizations. CPS provides this comprehensive information as part of every culture evaluation and offers additional customized support as an option.


No one has time to waste doing work that someone else can do faster and better. CPS has developed a survey administration process that does all the heavy lifting. You will receive tools to plan and communicate, ongoing information as the survey takes place, and assistance to help share the results within your organization.

Compare vendors today to ensure you are getting the services you need!