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CPS Releases Annual Report

CPS Releases Annual Report

The last two years were a rollercoaster of change! But the passionate team of staff at the Center for Patient Safety (CPS) was on onboard to embrace all of the changes and use them as a rare opportunity to step back and look at where we were, and consider closely the direction we wanted to go. We found our way back to our roots of doing what we do best: helping providers improve patient safety. And we’re back at it, stronger than ever with innovative new programs and an enhanced mission. Our core competency remains our ability to support providers across the continuum of care in a non-punitive environment.

While the journey in a non-profit organization is arduous, it is unequivocally rewarding. Our team members face pressures of minimal resources, financial constraints and high expectations, but their ideals and commitment to patient safety never waiver. They are passionate about what they do and it shows in the way they amaze and inspire the individuals and groups that we work with every day. We were excited about the ability to rediscover our organization over the last year, but we also knew the next critical objective was to secure funding. I know, through inroads and allies with many individuals and organizations, we have a bright and sustainable future.

At this time, I would like to personally thank all of the supporters and healthcare providers we have had the pleasure of working with throughout 2016. You are the promise we have for our patients and the inspiration we have for one another. You are the result of hard work and dedication. You are the reason I look forward to going to the office every day! You are a Rock Star!

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