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It's 2022 EMS Week

In 1974, President Gerald Ford declared the very first “National Emergency Medical Services Week” supported by efforts of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). With only a brief interruption, ACEP has been instrumental in promoting the event ever since. The vision of an annual EMS Week is intended to recognize providers, educate the public and spread best practice and safety information around the country.

Today, as was the case in 1974, many Americans have limited understanding of how EMS works, but are deeply appreciative when EMS services are required. Today, as strong as ever, EMS providers across America stand ready to provide our patients and communities with exception care when illness and injury occur. Intensifying burdens such as the Covid-19 pandemic have taken a substantial cost – and even a sense of enhanced sacred duty – to be there when we are needed. Despite the increased demands of personal safety challenges, staffing shortages, mental health and well-being concerns, today’s EMS providers are indeed Rising to the Challenge, as this years’ motto proudly proclaims.

Thanks to the thousands of EMS providers who take care of patients everyday and to those who support them!