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Florida Supreme Court's opinion in Charles vs. Southern Baptist

A note to CPS’ participants and friends:

Patient Safety Awareness Week Approaches, March 12-18th

The Center for Patient Safety (CPS) encourages all healthcare organizations to use Patient Safety Awareness Week, March 12-18th, as a way to remind staff and community of your commitment to safety. It should be a time of celebration of successes, but also a time of reflection.

CPS FREE WEBINAR: Leadership, Louder than Words: C-Suite Ambassadors of Patient Safety

Committed c-suite leadership to inspire a shared vision is the most critical element in a successful patient safety program. This non-delegable responsibility sets the example by supporting an open and transparent environment, fostering a patient safety culture among all caregivers.

“EMSForward” Campaign Focuses on Culture to Increase Patient Safety Awareness in EMS

The new campaign from the Center for Patient Safety (CPS) highlights the ten safety topics that will move “EMS Forward” in 2017. The emergency medical services (EMS) safety campaign was launched January 23, in conjunction with the annual National Association of EMS Physicians conference in New Orleans.

IHI Releases White Paper - “Sustaining Improvement”

IHI recently released a white paper called “Sustaining Improvement”.  A great case study is included in the Appendix from Saskatchewan Health Quality Council, who uses a tool called SAFER to help front-line staff consistently improve patient safety:

The Second Victim Experience - Train-the-Trainer Workshop

Most health care providers adjust well to the multitude of demands encountered during an unexpected or traumatic clinical event. Providers often have strong emotional defenses that carry them through and let them “get the job done.” Yet sometimes the emotional aftershock (or stress reaction) can be difficult. Signs and symptoms of this emotional aftershock may last a few days, a few weeks, a few[...]

Physician Shares Near-Death Experience

Dr. Rana Awdish is a critical care physician who directs the pulmonary hypertension program at Henry Ford Hospital.  She recently shared her view of her care from “the other side of the bed” during a near-death experience, which has changed the way she will practice in the future.  This experience has led to a campaign to help all health care professionals communicate more effectively and[...]

Antibiotic Stewardship Program

Does your Antibiotic Stewardship Program need improvement?  The CDC provides numerous resources, including tools, to help hospitals and long term care facilities improve the appropriate use of antibiotics.  Read more.

It's Time to Begin Your Journey to Improving Patient Safety and Quality in Healthcare. Are You Ready?

At the Center for Patient Safety (CPS), we feel strongly about culture being an integral part in the journey to improving patient safety and quality in healthcare. Improvements are not immediately achievable, but it’s never too late to begin the journey!


They say the only constant thing in life is change, and it’s no different at the Center for Patient Safety (CPS). Since the first IOM report was released in 1999, patient safety concerns have been in the spotlight, and the CPS was created to address the issues in that report confronting healthcare. Since we opened our doors in 2005, we have supported thousands of organizations across the country[...]