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Following a Medical Error: What Patients Want

Becker’s Infection Control shared a summary of an article from JAMA Internal Medicine with results of interviews completed with 27 patients regarding what they want from their physician following a medical error.  It’s not surprising that patients want to know what the hospital is doing to prevent recurrence of the medical error.  But regretfully, only 6 of 30 family members and patients received[...]

2017 MarCom Awards Recognize EMSForward for Marketing Excellence

The Center for Patient is proud to announce the EMSForward Campaign booklet has received a Platinum Award, the highest honor, in the 2017 MarCom Awards. The EMSForward campaign booklet won in the non-profit publications category. MarCom is an international competition administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. The awards represent work across print[...]

National Fire Prevention Week perfect time to learn ways to stop surgical fires

The Center for Patient Safety joins The Joint Commission in recognizing National Fire Prevention Week. Unfortunately, surgical fires continue to occur.  Recent reports to the Center’s PSO include:

Emergency Medical Services Agenda 2050. How do see the future of EMS?

The EMS Agenda 2050 “Envision the Future” Straw Man document has been released to the public for comments to guide the future direction of EMS.  The document is a comprehensive and robust body of work with a wide range of topics, all of which are important to the EMS profession.

CPS Safety Watch/Alert - Medication Shortages

Medication Shortages: Adversely affect drug therapy Can cause complications in medical procedures Contribute to medication errors Create frustration for providers & patients ACTIONABLE ITEMS TO MITIGATE RISK Validate details of shortage & check with suppliers Determine stock on hand Determine purchase history & true use Estimate time until shortage impacts agency & length of shortage Identify[...]

Using Culture in Your Organization

This article is an excellent read!  Patient safety culture and patient safety are the buzzwords these days, but what are some actions to help you improve your patient safety culture?

Administering a Culture Survey


Diagnostic Error

By Michael Handler, MD, MMM, FAAPL CPS Medical Director


The Center for Patient Safety has released the Summer Newsletter.  We’re certain you’ll find something of interest related to patient safety at your organization!  Download the full newsletter to read more on the PSO legal environment, upcoming events, best practices, and much more!  CPSNews – a publication for providers across the continuum of care – Download.

Do you have an EMS Patient Safety Plan?

While we have all heard the old saying, “do you plan to fail or fail to plan,” this short statement has likely influenced many people to re-evaluate a current process or situation in their life.  The specialty area of preventable harm or patient safety is gaining strong momentum in Emergency Medical Services, which has relied on another common old saying “do no harm”.   While the desire to do no[...]