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PSO Legal Update: A new focus on reporting

The Center for Patient Safety’s staff has been fielding a lot of questions about what information can be protected under the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act and how that relates to reporting to the PSO.  The basic rules have not changed, but there is some new focus on reporting, which is the touchstone for all the definitions in the Act and the Final Rule.  So, this explanation will[...]

CPS Releases PSO Report: #CultureForward

The Center for Patient Safety, a Patient Safety Organization (CPS PSO), is pleased to present this report summarizing some of the information we are learning from the collaborative participation of healthcare providers across the country.

CPS Releases Annual Report

The last two years were a rollercoaster of change! But the passionate team of staff at the Center for Patient Safety (CPS) was on onboard to embrace all of the changes and use them as a rare opportunity to step back and look at where we were, and consider closely the direction we wanted to go. We found our way back to our roots of doing what we do best: helping providers improve patient safety.[...]

National Time Out Day

Today The Joint Commission and the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses are celebrating National Time Out Day with a theme of “Be a Time Out SUPER HERO”

National Time out Day

It’s June 14 – National Time out Day!  It’s not too late to bring focus to this very important step of every invasive procedure or surgery.  Learn how the AORN has adopted the “Super hero” theme to remind everyone to pause to ensure the safest possible outcome for each patient.  Click here to learn more.

Patient Safety Boot Camp Now Available for EMS

Patient Safety Boot Camp Now Available for EMS

Zero Harm

Zero Harm – that’s the goal for every health care provider!  The only way to achieve this is for patient safety to be embedded into your culture.  That means  organizational leaders make it a priority by “walking the walk and talking the talk”. The culture must change the providers’ thinking from “it’s a known complication” or “it sometimes happens” to “not on my shift!”  Recently the American[...]

A Need for Speed

By: Lynnette Torres, Quality Improvement Manager for Memorial Hospital of Carbondale

QAPI: 10 Steps to Improvement

Long-term care providers face new expectations for their safety and  quality work in the form of CMS’ QAPI standards. Yet a simple and methodical approach can help LTC providers create a program that meets CMS’ expectations and improves care for residents. Primaris has published a great list of suggestions (“10 Simple and Effective QAPI Planning Tips”) for those who want to strengthen their[...]

Six Book Recommendations for Leaders

At last week’s National Patient Safety Foundation Congress Don Berwick, MD, senior fellow at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, recommended six books for all leaders to read in the next year to move patient safety forward: "The Fifth Discipline" by Peter Senge "The Improvement Guide: A Practical Approach to Enhancing Organizational Performance" by Gerald Langley, Ronald Moen, Kevin Nolan,[...]